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Candy Cotton

Non-Surgical Uterine Fibroid Treatments

“My Gynecologist told me that a hysterectomy was the only option. But I knew that wasn’t the truth!”

Don't Let Fibroids Control Your Life

Fibroid Treatment Center is Orange County’s specialist for non-surgical, less-invasive, uterine fibroid treatments. “Know that you have options, know what those options are, and take the appropriate action for you!”

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The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Fibroids: All in One Place


I had no desire to have surgery for my fibroids. Thank you Dr. Harris for taking the time to help me! I’m able to get back to a normal life, with more energy now that I’m not anemic and bleeding so much.



Todd S. Harris, M.D.

Awarded the prestigious 2020 Physician of Excellence Award, Dr. Todd S. Harris is board certified in General Surgery as well as highly experienced in Fibroid Surgery.

“I work with women just like you everyday. I know that I can help you with your fibroids just like I’ve helped them!”

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