Our Patients' Testimonials

We know that visiting a doctor can be a scary experience. Most patients will (hopefully) only visit a few surgeons in their life. Not knowing what to expect and not knowing anything about the doctor you are seeing can cause anxiety!

However, the fear of the unknown is almost always worse than the actual experience. That’s why we encourage our past patients to give feedback about our center. Whether this feedback is in the form of a letter, or on HealthGrades, our past patients ease the anxiety of our future patients.

Below are just a few of the testimonials we have been blessed enough to receive from our patients:

Fibroid Treatment Center Reviews

Dear Dr. Harris

Finding you was divine intervention. Thank you SO much for everything that you did for me!
God bless you,

Great Job!

I’m Glad I Found You!

I’m so glad I found you guys before I had my surgery. I was having so much bleeding that I thought the only treatment was hysterectomy. You really did provide options for me and help me keep my uterus. Even the procedure was better than I thought. Every person in your office was great and made my experience wonderful.
Thank you!

Dr. Harris

I wanted to thank everyone at your office for helping make my treatment effortless. Everybody was nice to me and made my husband and I feel comfortable about the embolization procedure.
All the best!

So lucky!

I had no desire to have surgery for my fibroids. Thank you Dr. Harris for taking the time to help me! I’m able to get back to a normal life, with more energy now that I’m not anemic and bleeding so much. It was so lucky to find you on the internet. Everything was just as you had told me.
I recommend this office!

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